Phocus released 7/7/2017

by Max


phocus released jly 7th


On July 7 this year, my album "phocus" that I recorded in Munich & L.A. will finally be released. Get it in here in HIgh Res & CD. You will also find it on amazon, iTunes, spotify and whatnot.



Max Ashner Phocus CD

Max Ashner Phocus CD

Max Ashner Phocus CD


Looking forward to letting you hear it!

Here's the tracklist and where it's been recorded:

1. Home In The Faraway (L.A.)

2. Flying Without Wings (Fuessen/Munich)

3. Bluewater (Munich)

4. Dirty Side Down (Munich)

5. Getter (Munich)

6. No I.O.U.s (L.A.)

7. Disgraced Place (L.A.)

8. Lovers' Moon (L.A.)

9. On The Lookout (L.A.)

10. Burn To Ashes (L.A)

11. Into Nowhere (L.A.)

12. Carried Away (Munich)

13. X

14. Blue Skies (L.A.)

15. What's A Good Thing (Munich)

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