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It may have all started in elementary school when the patient piano teacher despaired of teaching Max any advanced music reading – but for him the music just couldn’t be pressed into lines and dots, it much rather came out of his fingers naturally.

His real talent for music came to light when the Christkindl brought 14-year-old Max a beginner's guitar set. With this, a few lessons, but most importantly his growing passion for the instrument he grew to be a wanted guitarist and singer for many different bands and ensembles. Besides spending a good part of his teens in the basement making music with his friends, this took him all around Germany and Austria. He played everything from saucer-sized stages in smoked bars up to standing on an open air stage in Berlin at the Tempelhof Airport in front of thousands of people.

Enlightened by the music he heard from masters like Tom Petty, Mark Knopfler, Neil Young or John Mayer – just to name a few – he became consumed by the idea of making his own songs. Feeling that most contemporary publications leave a vacuum through their general lack of purity, he wanted to do differently. Therefore he tried to capture the essence of what he had experienced when listening to the recordings he loved. For that reason he went to the Berklee College of Music in Boston in 2012 – still thinking he would get somewhere by just by being a great guitarist. Abandoning this illusion, he returned home having learned about songwriting and beyond by a handfull of great songwriters such as Pat Pattison who had also been teaching John Mayer.

After then completing an education as an audio engineer in Munich, he fully devoted his life to his musical goals and single-handedly produced his debut album Coming Down Hard. After having found a very capable band he performed his original songs here and there in Bavaria.

In 2015 Max started recording a new album with his band in Munich. He then built a bed into his car, threw in his guitars and piano and headed off to France to play his music. After weeks of living in his car he finally ended up in North Wales. This is where he heavy-heartedly realized he had to return home to have the time to work on his new songs. In October 2015 he found himself on his way to Los Angeles with new songs in his suitcase waiting to be recorded. In very eventful weeks there he produced the second part of the album.

Now that the album is technically finished, Max is looking for partners to publish the record as soon as possible. Stay tuned or contact him...

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